Communion Table Talk
April 11,  2021

Sunday Worship
April 11, 2021

Hello Groveland church of Christ family,

The men of the congregation are monitoring the COVID-19 virus situation closely and desire everyone to stay safe.

Even though we may at times be separated by distance we are still the body of Christ.  We will  provide video options from this website and to support virtual worship and study during this time of health crisis.

If you have questions about our virtual worship, study or modified service schedules or you wish to be notified of our virtual study and worship calls please contact us for more information.

Welcome to the Groveland Church of Christ

530 Howey Road
PO BOX 511
Groveland, FL 34736

Phone: 352-429-4338


10:30 am Worship
6:00 pm Study/Worship (also available via Zoom)


6:30 pm Bible Study (also available via Zoom)

Minister: Paul Pickren

Phone: 352-516-2249